Kong's WIP-thoughts - December #02

by Roman aka jar


While I am away on the painting class I still can use mind force to bring up a blogpost.

We are having a great time here in the Netherlands, but the language "dutch" really scares me... really, ... not, I am just kidding. Enjoying happy painting to the fullest on the class and when you have fun you learn best is what I am always saying.

So while I am away I use mind force again to grab into the past and dig out some Work in Progress shots from my table. The Ilyad Lady was finished, but I did not find proper time to do proper photos. You might have seen the Chaos Lord that went under my brush lately as a comission. Colour choices are not really up to me but I know that I already fell in love with him ...

Still it is a long way to go to finish this guy up, I am far from detail work at the moment but I am enjoying the painting as it is so freshly colourful. The armour is supposed to get black in the end. Let's see where this will end ...

Also in the back you can see one figure from NorthStar Models, the male Galaxy Defender in 54mm. There is no straight schedule on the paintworks of this fella, I know he will also get a black or at least very dark armour. I am gently preparing what will be there in the end, having the focus ... oh wait, I have to get back to the class, I see a raised finger in the air and a question on that face ...

Bye! Bye!
Mind force ends ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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