A new world!

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

Hello all,

today I can present you one of my biggest projects that I have created this year. "A new world!" A Diorama, with two nice figures from Enigma Miniatures. I have spend about 2 months of work in this project, so I am really happy that is finished finally. I started building that base for an other figure, I didn't like it, so I decided to change to Severus from Enigma and his beast.. I didn't like the beast that much at the start, but the price was reduced 50% so I bought it too. I guess buying miniatures for me, is like girls buying shoes.. :)

Some words to the story of the scene, I tried to catch two different types on the base. Roman described it as Devilland - Ponyland. Maybe the contrast between this types should have been bigger, but I wanted to get a smooth transition on the color of the base and on the vegetation. Severus and his beast, are standing on the top of the rocks and looking to the vale, that is full of life. I added an old fence to show that there are also people living in the near. Or people that lived their in the past. Severus is looking forward to the future and I think, he won't go back in the dry, dark devil land.. but their will probably be a lot of conflicts on the ponyland either. I am sure there will be some things left, that could have been better, but I am happy with the result. That's enough to my thoughts, here are the pictures:

I hope you like it. Thanks for answers.

Best regards Oli


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