You choose, you win ... and Musica :)

by Roman aka jar

Hey Yo Yo!

Just working on future blogposts and I had the idea that you all out there can help me a lot by participating in the following vote. It is about a upcoming Miniatures Unpacked from North Star Models that will soon hit the jungle.

I won't be able to do the post up front the painting class in the netherlands and I felt so lonely in making the decision of what figure to unpack. So this is up to you while I am away. I return from the class on december 18th until then your vote counts via comment. Choose the figure that will be unpacked and with your comment have a chance to win it. Only one vote per person.

You can already find a MU about the Dragon Slayer and the Galaxy Defenders here on the jungle, but guess what: these here are 28 mm. Now you choose! Hit the comments and don't share and tell your friends or they all come over and give a vote too! Tell nobody!! 


Oh yeah ... Musica, thanks to Adam P. for the link ;)


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