MV Quest: Respiratory System check! - 35 Entries!!

by Roman aka jar


Dragonlord Games and Massive Voodoo were calling for another quest and you answered!

Sanding resin parts, breathing milliput dust, using many different glue sorts, working with multiple component putty or resin, sanding white metal in different qualities, sniffing strange colours smells ... eeeeecceeettaaarrrraaaa!!! Not the best conditions to grow old so it is good to check for your respiratory systems once in a while and take care to keep them away from danger. That is what this quest is about! It's breathing mask time!!

Many thanks to Dragonlord Games which is supporting not only the Article section with their banner, but also sponsoring a big load of figure candy to this Quest, for you to win!

Thanks for the support to

So, a dangerous passion it is.
We think everybody who loves Miniature Painting should have a breathing mask at home to have a longer life and paint more and more figures! If you already got one at home you are prepared for the upcoming quest that we ask of you. If you have none so far, get one, not only for this quest, also for your health.

Thanks for all your entries. 

In the end we recieved 35 entries and I will show them to you soon. What made me really happy is the fact that many of you really understood the deeper meaning of this contest. We care about your health and emails like this really made me see:
"This was great!!  We had so much fun.  This contest got me to purchase a bona fide respirator instead of the basic mask I've always used.  So much healthier from now on.  Thank you."

So let's get it on with the entries ... there is no order in the way I show you them right now. Randomly. We will make ready to do the judging and choose the winners ... but winners you all are as you made this cool gallery possible by sending us your creative entries. We hope you enjoy the gallery and big gorilla thumbs up for taking part!!!

 Entry 1: Robert

 Entry 2: Kieran

 Entry 3: Trevor

Entry 4: Carlos

Entry 5: Juan

 Entry 6: Ronald

                                                                                        Entry 7: Jan

                                                                                           Entry 8: Sergio

                                                                      Entry 9: Allen

                                                                                            Entry 10: Gilles

                                                                               Entry 11: Engineer Jeff

                                                                                     Entry 12: Estefania

                                                                                      Entry 13: Franky

                                                                                             Entry 14: Dirk

                                                                                          Entry 15: MoJo

                                                                                          Entry 16: Andy

                                                                                      Entry 17: Petros

                                                                                    Entry 18: Riccardo

                                                                                         Entry 19: Luke

                                                                                        Entry 20: Wayne

                                                                                    Entry 21: Denniz

                                                                                        Entry 22: Matthias

                                                                                    Entry 23: Andrea

                                                                                  Entry 24: Sebastian

                                                                                    Entry 25: Markus

                                                                                            Entry 26: Alex

                                                                                    Entry 27: Clemens

                                                                                        Entry 28: Pavel

                                                                                         Entry 29: Adam

                                                                                      Entry 30: Oliver

                                                                                         Entry 31: Julian

                                                                                        Entry 32: Lester
                                                                                           Entry 33: Raphael

                                                                                          Entry 34: Enrico

                                                                                     Entry 35: Martin

Thank you all for your cool entries.
Let us know what you think? What is your favourite? Which one scares you the most, which one is beautiful, which one is the funniest one and so on ... hit the comments!

We are now putting our heads together and do the judging work - man this is not easy! Definatly not!

Best Wishes
Your MV-Team


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