Home again ...

by Roman aka jar

Man... what a class it has been in the Netherlands.
Thanks to all who made this weekend possible and have been there.
It was so so cool to spent the time with you all and to see your progress grow while your eyes where constanst shiny with the joy of happy painting.

Thanks to everybody who made this event so viral over on facebook. So much feedback from you all is just awesome. I got to excuse myself for ... well, just arrived home yesterday and I am dead tired. A lot of emails are waiting for me today and I hope I am able to answer them all. I will ship the handouts to you guys tomorrow and the review will be online I guess somewhere during the upcoming weekend.

Time is just flying by and Christmas is getting closer and I am really dead tired. I am not sure if I will manage much more in the next days as I really need to hide soon in my winter cave to regain some energies. It feels I am two or three weeks behind with most of the things. I'll try to catch up but ... you know: everything happens with a reason!

So read you soon with more about that cool class ... and be sure I don't forget the random lottery of the Miniature Unpacked Winner - I will be on it!


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