Introduction of Sanne

by Unknown

Hey there!

I have been doing two months internship now with Roman and Raffa from Massive Voodoo and have now the honor to officially introduce myself on the blog.

My name is Sanne, I'm 30 years old and a few months ago, I have successfully completed my art education degree. Before university I did an apprenticeship as a beautician / makeup artist and I'm still working additionally in the profession.

Since practical art is more fun than academic work for me, I'm very happy that I learn so much at Massive Voodoo, especially in an area I completely didn't know before. At the internship I came by chance, as our studios are located next to each other, we met in the hallway and started talking.

Normally I paint large-scale oil paintings - rather colorful and very picturesque (more expressive rather than realistic). Therefore, it is for me now a big change and a new challenge to paint miniature figures. So far I have painted a little zombie and modeled a bust. It's great fun and I want to continue in any case, even though I still have much to learn. Above all, I find it even more difficult to work in this size, to deal with the small tools and in general to take the job with the small brush as I am used to paint with bigger ones when it comes to bigger canvas work.

My first figure ever... 
a Zombie from Zombicide Boardgame ...


I already finished my first sculpting work, but we not made final photos yet. Here you can see a shot from during the progress ...

Well, when Roman and Raffa do these things, it looks much easier! But they always help me when I have problems or when I'm on the verge of despair. They are very good teachers and I always make notes and write the steps with. However, it's not bad to make mistakes because you learn best from it. But the biggest challenge for me is actually to write this blog post, because my English is not very good and I am ashamed about that. Please excuse my mistakes! I will do my best to learn the language better ...

If I should be better at some future point, I think it would be nice to sculpt a woman who has natural proportions because so little is to be found in the scene barely. Emancipation! ;)

The next project on our schedule is to build a cool base and to tell a story with the constellation of the characters and the environment. I am very excited and looking forward to it!

Best Wishes,


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