Matt´s Basing Workshop in Berlin + A Visual Treat!

by -Matt Cexwish-

First things First: We happily announce our First Matt Cexwish BASING WORKSHOP, that will be held at the Finest Miniature Shop there is, Battlefield Berlin between the 24th - 26th of January 2014 in Berlin, Germany!

Here, you will learn everything that is needed to build your Own, Special Bases, be it for Competitions, Showcase or the Gaming Table! You will learn how to make Earth, Rocks, Brick Walls, Doors, Wooden Constructions, Fabrics, Basic Water Effect and many, many things more that make the difference... And although the Workshop will be mostly held in German, I strongly encourage our International Friends to join the fun as I will make sure everyone understands what Goals we are working for! So far, we already have a couple "foreign" People coming over... Always remember: The Stranger of Todayis your Friend Tomorrow...:)...

Nearly all material is provided, so you won´t need to bring an awful lot stuff + tools with you... Come as you are...^-^...

I will add more Information (in English) to this Thread here later this week... Feel free to shoot me an eMail if you want to take part in this...

matt (ät)

More Information, Participants, Pictures...  In German, English Version coming soon...

All in all: What a Glorious Day! :D No need to walk outside as it´s dark and extremely rainy anyways... Time to stay at home, work and watch incredible, inspiring Visual Treats like this one here:

Director / Cut: Selina Miles.
Art by Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas, Quench.
Soundtrack by DJ Butcher.


Incredible! IN CRE DIBLE! I can still not understand fully, how these guys could make all this, how much work and passion went into all the Grafitti... Especially nice now that the 5Points Building is so shamefully destroyed... Amazing! Art and Logistics! :D


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