Tutorial - simple socket improvement

by Roman aka jar

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Hello jungle visitor!

Somehow i have really missed the fact of doing some fast articles like this one. Not a big deal in the end but i hope some inspiration. Thanks to the Kurtheit again for lending me his old camera - mine somehow got its display killed in the summer and i wasn't able to shoot regularly Work in Progress shots- back to the article again :)

If you are working with a simple edged socket like described here:

Making a simple socket
This article shows you how you can easily create your own sockets.

this article shows an easy way on how you can pimp those up swiftly by using some of your unused gaming bases and superglue. Here are two bases i found in my unused base box - i have already sanded the edges and removed mould lines from the casting (the one on the right is from Warmachine i guess and the one the right is unknown):

I was pretty happy that these two were compatibel - i just glued them on top of eachother and brought the wooden simple socket on top by using superglue. This is pretty easy and really no big deal - it's written for your inspiration (model still in progress at the photo):

For sure you could also use a round wooden piece, might be a good idea for the next one i will do in the future. You can also do this in different ways, just as you like - another example:

Short and fast article - hope you enjoy the idea. Have fun and i wish you some happy painting time!
And if you are too lazy to make your own sockets and want some pretty cool stuff to work with for reaching your goal faster check Sockelmacher.de

Best Wishes


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