September Rain

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Weather calms here at the jungle headquarters, the rain brings cure of some really impressive sunny weeks, painting,  hugh! hugh! hugh! I have been a little bit distractred from serious painting the last weeks - maybe the sun was the reason, a big shipload of bananas or maybe just a white dove that crossed my view, who knows - but what matters is behind is this song.

There you go with the first one placed, more to come - ATTENTION: sorry for the bad photo, one of my daylight lamps got killed by aging and i have one yellowish lamp replaced it meanwhile - so there is way to much yellow hue on the photo as it takes strange photos if i try to go close:

Some Impressions of my actual Workbench - somehow changed my black suitcase to try something different in the last weeks and realized i can't do fine without it so it is back in place again but looks a little bit too yellow on the photo above - on the next photos you'll get a better impression :)

A little colour inspiration comes from a CD-Cover:

Gotta go to the second one now as i got a plan for the week :) - read you soon and don't miss the big Jungle Party about 900 !!!  

You will soon find a little banner linked up on the right top and Massive Voodoo Wear will be dropped for a while ...

Happy Painting to you all!
Best Wishes


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