Joy of Painting again :)

by Roman aka jar

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Mati finished a sculpting class over in Munich and is pretty exhausted and still rests his legs here at the jungle HQ for some days. I thought it might be a good thing to summ up the jungle's sculpting articles quickly after i've heard mati tell some of the participants about it - here you go:

Scale and Proportion Chart
To find the right proportions check this!

Sculpting a 32 mm Miniature   
Mati explains each step on how you can start your sculpting.

Sculpt sketching a bust   
Mati shows how you can fast train propotions and sketch a bust daily.

Toughts on sculpting Sgt. Cheeky   
Raffa opens his mind to show the inside of his Sculpt work on this bust.

Using the tube tool   
Masquerade Miniatures Tube Tool in Action.

Here are some impressions of some Joy of Painting and some other weird stuff - oh yeah, number three done:

Read you soon and remember today is life :)


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