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by Roman aka jar

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As i have mentioned some days ago there now will be a big inspirational link clean up - hope you enjoy:

Hobby and color related stuff:
Paintit 2011 - das-Bemalforum, Painting Contest

A great step by step of a 54 mm scaled model by Bestienmeister
Maurizio Bruno starts a great Step by Step of little Red Riding Hood
Color portrait by painter Brian Neher
Another wonderful gallery of the World Expo Event
A great report about World Expo with cool photos on Cradle of Colours
An intresting out of the box of the new WHF Ogres
Arsies shows a great insight in some of his works again

Blog Information
5th Dimension (a worktable of a group of german painters)

Intresting sites about Art and Stuff
Teetering Bulb 
(great, skillfull drawings there, you'll find it linked up to th jungle in the blogroll from now on)
Intrested in Samurais? Check this massive collection
Samurai Sith Lord

Inspirational Vids and Music
Flying Hair
Big Buck Bunny
Daily Rap on facebook - there you get your daily dose of Hip Hop


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