Happy Monk

by Der_Ben

Posted by Ben Komets aka the Mandril

Hey Folks,
Time Passes fast ... two Years full of Massive Voodoo
and I.. shame on me... who post so seldom here...
i´m really happy to show you
something brand new i have made in cooperation
with my friend ,the talented Ernst Veingart from Riga...
its soooo good to See some one out there shares the same taste and humor like us in the jungle..
here is something special our(ernst and mine) first casted figure the "Happy Monk"

this is my painted Version for the Euromilitaire show last weekend
where we made Silver in Master Open

for those of you who like to vote

he is 54mm in comes in finest Resin.. real FineCast btw ^^
the figure comes with out a base.. If you are interested to have one ..
feel free to drop me a message

here are some Pics of the Green

Alena Wooten 's Okii Jijin Monk was the initial spark that got Ernst started...
and the idea developed

the Idea is that he is evoking life though his inner peace and wisdom .. so the brech on his shoulder starts to bloom butterflies suround him
he is the like the small warm center of the universe.. :-)


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