Doors behind music?

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

A music post following a music post?? - aight and that is good as music is the key ...

... to many doors - what music are you enjoying at the moment?
Hit the comments with it if you like - the jungle would love to hear your sound - sometimes when i am painting a lot there is always a little bit to less new music in my playlists and i would really look forward to your sound suggestions for some hardly needed change - just too make the keychain bigger :)

I choose one to be my favourite song suggestion from you and the one who suggested it will get a little jungle surprise on Monday or as soon as i have listened to them all - (seriously no idea on how many comments might drop in now)

Happy Painting!

PS: EBAY INFORMATION: Sending invoices later on this night as we got a guest tonight! Thanks for your patience - it'll be quick i'll promise!


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