Nurgle Standard Bearer and Grey Knight bust

by Roman aka jar

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Good evening jungle!

As i am in a complety frenzy mode of painting these days just to finish off some projects - I did finish two more. The first one is a conversion GW's undivided Chaos Mage to make him more nurglish, there was some minor sculpting going on, some small scaled chains included, the lower jaw is made with a small real bone of a dead mouse, the flag is made from Magic sculp like described here and much more i can't really put a finger on, hope you like him:

Decay in his prayers,
blinded by Papa Nurgle's gifts,
visions through a million eyes,
waving the banner of the gods,
to praise  the change.

Nurgle Standard Bearer
Games Workshop, 28 mm

A little conversion of GW's Inquisitor Space Marine brought a Grey Knight bust to life. He is, compared to my usual 200 mm busts a real small bust - just imagine a 54 mm model cut to bust seize, that's how big he is. Had my fun on this one but metallics are somehow horrible to take a photo of. Whatever, hope you like ...

Fides Mea

Brother Grey Knight Malcadeus
Games Workshop, Inquisitor, 54 mm

If you like to vote for them here you find the Nurgle Standard Bearer and here the Grey Knight Bust.
Both models will hit ebay soon - if you want to make sure to get hold of one of them feel invited to write me an email at jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com for a quote.

So far, read you soon!
Best Wishes and some happy painting


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