2nd Anniversary Workspace Birthday Celebrations

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Finally time for Aii aii aii is over now. Thank you all for all your birthday wishes here or elsewhere. It makes the jungle bounce in joy to see so many of you wishing the best for the site.

And now for the Celebration part.
There are a lot of events going on at MV these days, so please don't miss 900 and the Plastic Knight Challenge beside this one. We thought about something special for you to win this time:

You can win 4 hours of Skype chat with your Apes, Roman, Raffa, Mati and Ben!!

One winner will have a chat with Roman (jarhead), Mati (Badsmile) one with Ben (KOMETS!!) and  one will have a chat with Raffa (Picster) for about 1 hour each. The final date will be matched with the winners wish, somewhere around late Octobre. We can talk about Miniatures, your projects, about us if you like, about the future of the hobby, about your ideas and visions, maybe bikinis - in fact whatever you like to talk with us about and we already guess that one hour is quite short.

You can participate if ...

- you are able to talk english or german (no need for perfect english as ours is bad also)
- have an acutal version of Skype installed and now how to handle
- you are a follower of MV, here at the blog or via facebook

How can I win this?

We are again after your workbenches, like last year. 
Carry on tradition we thought to us. Show us your temple of colours, your place where you enjoy the hobby. Don't clean it up or prepare it for a photoshoot - just take it from the moment. The two workspaces which will hit our heart the most will win the Skyping. Raffa and myself are the judges and we'll judge from the heart as this is about soul :)

Write an email subjected with 2nd Birthday MV - workspace *your name* to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com, deadline is Octobre the 18th.

For sure you can write whatever you like to your mail, like birthday wishes, some personal thoughts or more BUT please don't forget to add a photo of your workspace, only one photo please. All entries that miss one of these points will be disqualified. Here are two examples on how your entry can look like:

Greg got it already, even we didn't announce it yet - he did sent in his pretty cool workspace with his words "I drive, eat, sleep, model and paint in a semi truck.  This is my workspace!"

This is mine - just straight from the moment:

We are really looking forward to your entries and hope to read you soon.

Let us know in the comments on how you would wish your hour of chat with the apes to be filled, like what would you guess of it, think of it, plan for it, what would you do, being relaxed for some chatting or do you plan a schedule for it - just for our preparation and to find the right mood on what might occour there. Read you soon!

Your Jungle MV Team
Aii Aii Aii!


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