Riddle Raddle Tail

by Roman aka jar

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Yeppa, there was one "smartass" (I just name him that as he did himself in the comments) lately who knew what is happening on this photo:

The right answer by the Maxican:

"Compared to the former pictures you added a tail to the demon, which now has to settle, so you built a construction to keep it in place?!"

Thanks for all your comments, I really had to laugh hard about them. Creative solutions presented by you. So, the demon has a tail now - i did create it from Magic Sculp, rolled it on baking paper and let it dry for about 1 hour before i tried to construct it to the model. After 1 hour Magic Sculp is still movable but already in the progress of getting hard. So I had to build the construction you see in the photo above to get the form i was looking for. Here are some normal shots again, you may click to enlarge them to see the full McGyvering going on there:

After the tail was dried out completly (i did wait a day) it stays in place and is already getting some paint on it:

So far from the Workbench - happy painting!
Best Wishes


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