Some new finished miniatures

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, Honour.Guard, silver leaf

I have a lot of fun in painting in the last weeks. The world expo in Montreux and the competiton in Kulmbach have motivated me very well.

After months without showing finished miniatures, I want to show you some news. I start with this Darksword lady.. I bought her in a set some years ago.. and I didn't liked that small filigree models. But at the moment the sculpts from Darksword make a lot of fun to paint and I have already finished the next one. So here we go:

The next diorama is called *Last Resort* and was done in the last 2-3months. It was a lot of work from the first mini to the latest water effect. I hope I can show you some pictures of the complete work in the next weeks.

And finally a little fun job with some Rackham Minis, as always you can click on the pictures for a bigger view.

Feel free to give me some critical comments...

I haven't much more free place in my cabinet, so I am thinking in sell some of my miniatures.. If you interested feel free to write me an email on

Best regards Oli


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