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Hey everyone!

Uhhhh, what a crazy week :)
But, ...first things first... at the moment i'm working very much on my next two "bigger" projects, nothing totally super epic, but somehow it still takes some time to finish.

Ok, now for that part...
Two weeks ago you might remember... the WORLD EXPO :)
We couldn't make it there but still i managed to bring my display to Oli who was kind enough to put it up for me on the world expo, it made me really sad i couldn't afford the trip... but what would you expect in Montroux ;)

So, on Sunday i heard some good news as i won a Highly Recommended in Historical Master Painting, Gold in Fantasy Master Painting and Silver in Fantasy Master Open what reaaaaaaally suprised me.... i almost couldn't believe it ....

But this wasn't by far the best part in the last two weeks. About a week ago i picked up our Australian painting friends Weisern (aka. weisern ;), his Sister Huishan and Sebastian (aka. Automaton) in Füssen and we made two wonderful days in Garmisch, i took the role of some kind of tourist guide and it was great fun!
At Partnachklamm (must see!)

Weisern the bird whisperer!

If there were flying gorillas we would all be fucked up! :)

 You could even go sledding in the middle of the summer, hell yeah!

Sad vs. Happy - Tunnels ain't for everyone!

Swimming in here is like being Odysseus!!!

After this little holiday trip we returned back to Augsburg - And back to painting :)

Seb and Weisern were toooooooooo nice and painted two roses for my collection of roses........ THANKS AGAIN A THOUSAND TIMES!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHUUUHH!!!!
Weiserns work.... *poke poke poke*

And Sebs work.. FUCK YEAH! :)

Uhhhh, i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy about those two additions...... my collection is growing, i for sure have to present it here on the blog soon :)

Anyway we had a visit from Chris (http://bestienmeister.blogspot.com/) and Peter... what a great painting evening! :)

We had lots of fun talking and looking at minis as usual! So much nice stuff!
The next day, the big monkey painting party was over and our Australian friends had to leave... wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh big tears ran down my cheek :(

Inspired by the two australian painting berserkers i also finished another miniature that i just photographed yesterday.

And so we come to the last part of this posting... Miniatures!

First one is the one i painted while Sebastian and Weisern were here, they both have very unique painting styles and especially Sebs style really was something unusual beatiful to see.... somehow i had to express this inspiration i got from his miniatures, for sure they are not comparible in any way...

Red Box Games, 28mm truescale

The next one i painted very fast (around 3 hours) using the salt technique and a variation of pigment techniques for a article in the german "Tabletop Insider" magazine.

Games Workshop, 32mm heroscale

Denise is a very old paintjob and my 2nd bust ever... she got some color in 2009.. but i never photographed her, when i collected minis to photograph yesterday from my cabinet i saw her again and somehow got the idea to show her after all ;)

Pegaso, 1/9 bust

The next Red Box Games mini.... yes i LOVE them :)
I tried out some new stuff and basically wanted to do some nice OSL... i also tried out new snow and self mixed color for the OSL.

Dreams of Smoke
Red Box Games, 28mm truescale

Again... Red Box Games... uhhh ^^
She is a gift for my good friend Kurt who soon has birthday :)

Red Box Games, 28mm truescale

Aaaaaaand the last one... guess the manufacturer, hehehe ;)
Again RBG,... this time the birthday gift of Roman!
The wall is a custom made resin part that will soon be sold in my shop.... :)
The freehand on the shield shows a lion (Romans zodiac sign) and the bavarian blue-white diamond pattern :)

Red Box Games, 28mm truescale

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, what a big posting, i hope it wasn't tooooo long....

I hope you like the minis :)
Oh and have no fear, 900 will come soon (today!?).....



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