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... i can't keep for myself for too long, that is why there is a song first:

The last day the jungle was visited by a long time friend of big Kong - Hon from Hong Kong did a little travel time after visiting the World Expo and he was visiting us yesterday for a relaxed painting night. Sadly it was just a short visit. Some small impressions:

As you can see we had a lot of fun but somehow were kind of tired on the last photo :D - adding a little more spice to this posting i want to invite you to look at some cool videos Mr. P. did from the World Expo - as i wasn't there myself it is pretty cool to get a feeling of the athmosphere, but prepare the videos are a bit dark - and it looks so massive, wow - enjoy and find another one included in his channel:

I am trying to add some more spice to clean off my massive amount of saved inspirational links - here you go with some music:

Soldat II by Dode from Tobias Stretch on Vimeo.


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