Mad Orc Waaaghboss King & Brother Aurelion

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Do ya boyz know 'bout thiz one mad orc boy ova deerre?
He thinkz he izz a bozz and wearz hiz crown with pride - he iz zome kin of weird, he neva will be a boss. Damn those Evil Sunz boyz, they r gettin' addicted to garbage, ey?

Mad Orc Waaaghboss King
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Vox Channel safe, brother seargeant. Xenos at 08:00 - four orc xenos, one looking very weird with ... uhm, stuff - confirm engaging order. Brother Aurelion out!

Brother Aurelion 
Games Workshop, 28 mm

I am busy at painting these days and finished some more - both of them are planned to be painted as gaming miniatures but some spots really made it further, not much, but some :) - Hope you like them.

Let me know what you think about the rusty backpack at the orc as i really had my fun with glueing it there. If you are a busy voter you can find the Waaaghboss King and Brother Aurelion behind those links.

Happy Painting to you all!
Best Wishes


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