Captain Planet 2082 A. D.

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

I recently finished another miniature (well yeah it's been a while)  -
it is painted up for fun and i really liked to paint it as it themed something pretty strange for me. The sculpt by Thomas David is wonderful, the greek mythology mixed with this high tech - but i did play a bit Fallout New Vegas lately and it was clear for me that he had to become

Captain Planet 2082 A. D.
Agora Miniatures, 32 mm

And Music:

Make sure you do not miss to get your chance on the great sculpt of Happy Monk - after the jungle is busy you'll find him linked up on the right navigation where you also get the info about buying one of those. I've heard rumors about only 50 casts after all.

Hope you like Captain Planet 2082 A. D.
You'll find him here to vote if you are a busy voter.

Happy Painting!
Best Wishes


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