Review: Mati´s Sculping-class in Munich

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter, Baphomet

Hey guys,

there has been some days since Mati´s sculping-class in Munich, but after I finished the move to my new flat I have the time to write a little review :)

The class was on the weekend 9th to 11th of Setember and Mati arrived in Augburg a day earlier to enjoy the company of the Bavarian apes. The next day we went to Munich and after a little barbeque the class started. At first Mati explained the basics of human anatomy by using some very useful sketches. We also got some of them so we were able to compare our sculpts with them all the time and so being able to recognize almost every mistake we did in the anatomy. But to be honest you (like always in life) really need some experience to have an eye for this.

After the theoretical basics we went quickly in medias res. Building a doll out of wire was the first step and one of the toughest (did I told you about anatomy? ;) ), but Mati was always available to answer our questions and help to train our eyes and bending-skills. After finishing the doll the fist day of class was already over. So we had some freetime to get know each other and to have one (or more) beer(s) together.

The second day was only for sculpting and to get familiar with the material. We had an artwork of a wizard as  draft for our sculpting and Mati guided us step by step towards this. He always first explained a part of the artwork theoretically and how we should use our tools to get it done. Afterward he went to every table and showed it to us how it has to be done. So by the time going on, our wizard slowly took shape.

On the third day most part of the miniature was done. Only the arms, face and some small parts were still missing. Like the day before Mati explained how to scuplt these things and helped everybody who needed his help. Especially the face was a tricky thing. But at the end every wizard had his face and our (small) teacher took his time to give everybody some advice how to keep on going and how to improve his skills.

You can belive me, I was totally finished after this weekend, but I was also very very happy to hold my first, own sculped miniature in my hands. Even that this hand are able to sculp something that looks like a human was so astonishing, but it shows that really everybody is able to do anything if he wants to and (nearly more important) has a good teacher. So I can only recommend that if there is the chance to take part in one of Matis classes you should do it! It´s worth the time :)

So here are some impressions:

Here some more impressions (thanks to Phil for taking the pictures :) ).


Here finally me little wizard. There is still a lot to do... the right side is the better, and i have to correct the left side to make it look like the other ;) thanks to Mati for his help!

Please don´t forget the 900 (ending on Sunday evening) and our birthday celebrations :)



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