Workshop Review - Class in Schöppenstedt

by Peter aka Baphomet

The painting class in Schöppenstedt is over... time to let the memories pass again and to write another Painting Class Review.... and what can I say? Last weekend (19th - 21st of July) was a very very special event. But let my explain...

Schöppenstedt is a small town in Northern Germany (well, what I would call Northern ;) ), and it took Roman and me about 7 1/2 hours from Augsburg to get there... a very long way and after weeks of full-time work it was a not very pleasant thought to drive this long way for both of us. But to have the chance to relax and find some time to paint made this pass quickly. Roman has been there before, two years ago, check the review!

We arrived just in time Friday afternoon and thanks to the already present attendents everything was ready to start the class. Although I joined Roman on some of his classes it´s always interesting to see what he has changed in his concept since the last time. New techniques, new examples... every time there is at least one aspect he has improved. The concept is some kind of living thing...

At this point I want to thank Mike and David, who made this class possible. The location is the youth center in Schöppenstedt and although it was closed for holidays, Mike opened it up for us. David was our god of cooking (I really mean god!) during the weekend... he spend more time in the kitchen then in the classroom and I was overwhelmed by the full service he offered to us: full power breakfast, lunch and dinner... well, after this weekend I feel 2kilos heavier, but happy ;)

Thanks to Tim for taking so many cool photos!
Thanks to PK-Pro for supporting the class with their stuff - Check their store, but take care, great stuff there.

As I am into the "Thank you - thing" right now I also want to pay credits to the for sponsoring the class with plinths for every student. Juweela sponsors bricks and sandbags for the class and guess what, you can also get their stuff at PK-Pro. Thanks for their help!

And beside the food, it was time to learn and paint. 
 It´s always a pleasue to see people using Romans advices and creating their (mostly) first display miniatures... these moments of "click" when they understand the principles of light, shades and contrast motivates me every time :)

Very very cool results! But have a look at the pictures and I´m sure you will understand why I enjoyed the class so much.

So thanks again to everybody for this cool weekend :)

I enjoyed it a lot and I´m looking foreward to next time!


PS: By Roman: If you are in need of a break during painting 
- remember the 7 Minutes rule ;)


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