Kong's WIP thoughts - July #03

by Roman aka jar



it's me again and let me tell you these days are truly crazy.
Arrived home on Sunday night, late at night, togehter with Peter from a great painting class weekend but with a hell of a car ride. This has been the last painting class before my own summer break as there will be vacations for me and my lady in late august. Still, there is a lot of work ahead as I am currently painting like a mad man without relaxing from the past weeks which have been filled with painting, painting and three painting class weekends.

Hour by hour gets pushed into my big project and I can see this view very often from the studio window:

During the day it is - honestly - just too hot in there as our studio is located directly under the roof and the sun is burning down with full force the whole day ... so wet towels are my only hope and rescue :D

Meanwhile I have painted another Demonette for demonstration during the last class and glued her to her sisters. It is very funny as my models from the class are surely behind those of the students. Thankful I am about the feedback of the latest class that this idea really helps everyone attending the class. It is good for the students to follow the progress and check back with the examples:

There sure will be a review soon about the latest class in Schöppenstett, Germany. I can only tell so far: It was delicious!! If you like you can check back at the latest Painting Class report from Beckingen, Germany where I have added even more photos. Let's see if you can spot those new ones here!

A little preview on the results of the students of Schöppenstett. I think it is pretty good if the teacher - in this case me - is painting a lot on his own. Well done class, but more will follow soon!

What more can I say? 
Honestly nothing more as time is running by and I don't have time right now as too much is on my schedule. So if you are waiting for an email of me or an answer somewhere else please be patient. These weeks are really massive and I have to set priorities to get some of my stuff done. I will be back at you as soon as I am able to, believe this.

I say the same to my cats these days ... I miss them a lot as I don't spent much time at home, but sometimes it can be that way. Sounds very stupid, home is great but I love/have/want/must stay in a way too hot studio place to finish up my process bars ...


Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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