Workshop Review - Beckingen, Germany

by Roman aka jar

Cowboys, demonettes, XXL Burgers and Happy Painting

Another painting class has passed.
This time we have been to Beckingen, Germany, close to Dillingen-Saar. A big thanks goes out to Andy from the local Hobby shop Dragonlord Games and Peter for organising the class. Thanks to Raffa for driving and a big thanks for Christian and his family for their joyful hospitality. Thanks to everybody who took part in the class for the first time and thanks to those who took part for the second or third time.

A big thank you goes out to the place we stayed: The Connor Ranch.
It is a great restaurant with truely awesome food. If you are able to go there: Do it.
I have never seen and ate such Burgers or "Schnitzel" in my life. You could choose between different sizes from S to XXL and believe me, M was far too big for me :D
Thanks to Alexander, the owner and his team who really helped us in every situation.

Thanks to Christian again who provided photosof the class to this review!

We have been to a big room inside the place, which was already prepared when we arrived. Slowly the studends arrived during Firday afternoon and settled in while everything for the class was getting prepared. Friday followed its routine with preparing the figures and basing. A lot of theory in between to get the foundation of everything we were up to do on the weekend.

 Student's brought their figures ...

Thanks to PK-Pro for supporting the class with their stuff - Check their store, but take care, great stuff there.

As I am into the "Thank you - thing" right now I also want to pay credits to the for sponsoring the class with plinths for every student. Juweela sponsors bricks and sandbags for the class and guess what, you can also get their stuff at PK-Pro. Thanks for their help!

I did not make many photos this time on Friday, but Saturday arrived very fast where we worked our way to be ready for priming. In this class you might recognize a lot of figures that are not demonettes. As mentioned elsewhere, students who are taking place for the second time are allowed to paint their own model and I try to help them - together with Raffa's help (thanks for that, bro!) - at their actual level of experience. Saturday's impressions:


Primed Models

                                                                                              Painting time ...

It's like painting a picture on canvas, truly!
 Forged Monkey
painted bases so far ...


As seen, the burgers are truely epic and after our breaks it was really hard to get back to paint again with such an amount of fresh food in our bellys. Due Saturday we sketched the whole figure. Sketching is always the process that leads you to your final look of the figure. It isn't the most rewarding thing while painting but always remember, you get where you want to by taking your time.

Sunday arrived and on Sunday it is time  to close in to the final look of the students figure. Sketching ends somewhere in between Sunday's demonstration sessions and we launched the attack on some detail work. Sunday impressions:

Basing inspiration can be found everywhere:

Detail painting sometimes sucks ...

 the teacher's table

 toothpicks rock!
 from the teacher's table ... hey you! Put that mobile down! Take the brush! Is it a mobile anyway??

Sunday passed by much too fast. I would have loved to paint also on Monday, but many where happy even without finishing their project to 100%. Honestly we all have been a little tired on Sunday. From the long painting time, too much theory and too big burgers.

The results of this class in full beauty. They have been the stars on this weekend.
Well done, class! Great painting in such a short time!

click to enlarge ...

Thanks again for such a nice weekend with all of you. Thanks to everybody who helped cleaning up the place, thanks to everybody involved and a big thanks to the Connor Ranch. That won't be the last time we will have a class there. See you in the future!

Plus an additional group shot to also show Christian who made the photos all the time:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: Fuel is important, remember that!


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