by Roman aka jar


I just got home from a long painting day/night and saw that the jungle blog follower number reached the 1500!!!! 1500!!! Oh well, we still have not finished our present to celebrate the 1000!!!. Why? Complicated. The project that we will give away got stuck somehow. It is right here in my cabinet, but there is no time right now to finish it. And there wasn't time so far. I feel bad about that, but I can't change it. So future will bring us to celebrate the 1000!!! one day, I have my trust in that.

So, well these days are so busy I can't tell you. Preparing a personal project for a competition at the moment, having three painting classes in six weeks and a lot more stuff I won't name here. A lot. Usually this would be too much, but I am looking forward to have some two weeks holiday in the end of August and I just surf the wave of power that touches me in the month of the Lion, July. My birth month. Uhm yes ... 1500!! We got something for all our blog followers incoming. Three painted figures will be given away by your jungle ... stay tuned, we are already preparing all that matters ...

Thanks for your patience.
Kong Fu out!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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