Review: Painting Class with Karol Rudyk in Berlin

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey folks,

unfortunatly a lot of things kept me occupied in the last weeks, but finally I found the time to write my little review of the painting class with Karol Rudyk in Berlin (7th till 9th of June).

In May I was told I had won the ticket for the painting class on At first I was very suprised as I had already forgotten about the lottery but after some minutes joy overwhelmed my stressed mind. Im my opinion Karol is actually one of the best painters in our little hobby and to have the chance to learn some new techniques and viewpoints was a very pleasant thought.

The next weeks went by quickly and suddenly it was Thursday evening before the workshop and I arrived in beautiful Berlin. The city has special spirit and I feld so relaxed after the last months full of work. I had the honour to stay at Michael´s (Zaphod) place during the weekend and enjoy his hospitality (thanks for it once again!).

The painting class took place in the shop of Battlefield Berlin and it was a nice and small group of painters from all over Germany. At the beginning I was not sure if the painting class would meet my expectations as it was Karol´s first class and the miniature we would paint was quite unsusal: it was Scibor´s Stone Giant. To be honest, I thought the mini an ugly one. But my opinion changed during the weekend.

If you look at Karol´s minis you expect to meet a painter who uses his brushes and paints very thoughtful and works very accurate. Well, I could have not been more wrong. I should really have made a video of the flying and dying brushes, full of colour. It´s just more about having fun while painting. Just doing and not thinking too much about it. Even a big miniature like the Stone Giant develops his own charm and on Sunday it was really hard to stop painting...

All in all the class outmatched my expectations. I learnd a lot about using the airbrush and Karol´s techniques. It´s a very special way of painting as he devoloped his own style of the years. But in the core I understood some important basic principles and in the last week I could see the impressions of his class in my miniatures (I got a compliment from Raffa, so there must have been some positive development ;-) ).

So, if you like to improve your skills or break through a wall of stagnation in your way of painting, join a painting class. If you do, it opens some very important chances for new developments!



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