Welcome the new design!

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

welcome to the new design, a fresh breeze wafting through the jungle.
A little celebration for the 1500th follower!

After almost 3 years it was time for a change and so I created this new design with a lot of help from Philip. I really hope you like this new look and can enjoy your stay even more!

Some of the new features:
- Newsletter is now aviable! Get your monthly reminder of new painting classes, good tutorials and interesting articles!
- Cleaner, simpler headline with focus on the author introducing author avatars.
- New menu, now on top of the page with a new design.
- Header is cleaner, new banners and a better structure.
- Sidebar got a new look and is now a lot cleaner.
- Bigger font and better readability in the blog posts.

Time to say goodbye

There will be even more celebration of our 1500th follower the next days.
We will give away not one but three painted figures, so stay tuned!

Best wishes,


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