Kong's WIP thoughts - July #01

by Roman aka jar


July arrived.
One of my favourite months in the year, if there is a lot of sun ... but there ain't much at the moment on the outside, so I am just burning from the inside :)

Still working on a massive project, finally soon ready to prime.
A figure project that will be painted like a canvas, but no more teasers right now - I can't tell you right now, but I will later on. Ok, more teasers, but only this one ...

Another - very, very cool figure that jumped my workbench is the so called "Monkey King" by the young company "Marrow Production". It is my true pleasure to work together with my long time friend Hon again. He is one of the superminds behind Marrow Production and he asked me if I would like to paint one Monkey King for his personal cabinet. I feel very honoured and for sure said yes. That is why I already got one, but believe me, as soon as the game comes out or you check the other figures of their range you want them all ... they are so cool, great work strictly from Hong Kong! Marrow Production, remember that I told you.

What really confused me was the seize of the figureof the Monkey King.
From the previews I always thought he might be around 54 mm. The sculpting looks so great, detail, awesone pose and character. And I got confused seriously ...he is more around 36 mm ...

Monkey King compared to Space Marine, early WIP on the base

Seriously so small?

More WIP on the base, but still very early WIP

Marrow Production, Journey, Wrath of Demons, Artwork by Jun C - I say I already love the setting and the athmosphere!

The figures are not yet released! I might be the first one who throws some colour on the monkey king and again, I feel very honoured to work with the team of Marrow Production.

Check their facebook page if you want to stay up to date with their release date and more informations.

So far from my table,
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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