MU 35 - Kellerkind Miniaturen - Zombie Diorama

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey lads,

while Big Kong is working hard in the studio I try to fill the gap with some of my stuff ;-)

It´s time for a "Miniature unpacked". Today I want to give you a little review about a commission I worked on lately. It´s a nice diorama from Kellerkind Miniaturen. It´s situated in some kind of post-apocalytic world and prduces a feeling like in "The Road" and "28 days later".

Producer: Kellerkind Miniaturen
Sculptor: Martin Hille

The diorama consists of three parts: A old sofa (sofa & four feet), a girl with a cat and the zombie (two heads included).

The sculpt is very detailed and the well cast. There are only tiny mould lines on the miniatures. The big resin block is easy to remove.

Martin asked me to do the promo-paintjob. As I´m a big fan of post-apocalytic movies I wanted the diorama to communicate a nightmarish atmosphere. So I was sure it had to get dark and dirty, but you should be able to recognize some actual fashion.

Sadly I was not able to take much photos of the wip-situation and those I took were mostly with my mobile phone. So sorry if the quality is not the best.

After cleaning and priming I started with the girl:

The zombies were next on the list. I was asked to put them into a classical green hazard suit. Nice idea and the airbrush was a good tool for gettting started and the brush was the weapon of choice for the rest. The suit´s crincles are really nice to work on... lovely sculped :-)


Well... unfortunatly there are no further wips... I was on a painting class with Roman and Raffa in Erlangen, finished the minis and totally forgot to take any pictures...  big big sorry :-(

But here you get the final pictures of the minis (Martin asked me to paint only the face of the second zombie):

 I hope you like it. Feel free to comment :)

Interested in a paintjob? Feel free to contact me: baphomet[at]massivevoodoo[dot]com



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