Portal Magazine Issue 33

by Roman aka jar


"This month’s issue has been a tight squeeze to get it all ready for you, but we’ve got a great selection of treats for you this month! Our cover story and article features one of the biggest names in fantasy art, Mr. Paul Bonner, as well as a very thorough step by step sculpt of one of the largest kits of recent memory!

Other articles include…
-          Doing Nurgle-style freehands
-          Crystal Brush report from Conrad Mynett
-          Kickstarter updates
-          Some interesting sneak previews of sculpts
-          An in-depth interview with French sculptor/painter Christian Hardy
-          A look at some old but nicely painted models!
-          All the usual new releases and updates,etc.

Please feel free to contact the magazine on portaleditor@wampforum.com if you’re either interested in helping us out or have any feedback on the magazine. Feel free to share this in every hobby based corner of the internet you visit, there’s something for everyone in this issue!"

Now available for free download!


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