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by Roman aka jar

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Aloa base builders, base constructors and base lovers!

This is another article that will drop in the massive article section of Massive Voodoo.
It is about mushrooms again and it might be a good idea to combine it with the tree funghi tutorial, when you are creating your magic forest base.

I planned a base for Kabuki's Alice in Wonderland.
The model itself already sits on a big mushroom that is delivered with the kit.
For my personal taste, if there is already one, there should be way more.

I started to build up the base and placed the resin mushroom. Then I prepared some Magic Sculp to sculpt some mushroom parts.

I did different ones. In fact the "sculpting" of these pieces is not too hard. I did different ones. One after the other and placed them on a piece of cork to collect them. I did not care much about my fingerprints or dirt somewhere in the material as in the end the mushrooms need a very natural structure.

I mainly did the typicall mushroom pieces. A trunk and a hat to be glued together after they dried.
I also did some morels. A thin trunk and a hat I prepared with the toothpick.

I did some smaller ones, with smaller hats to put in as detail later on. I always enjoy bases with material in different weight. If you got something very heavy there can be something tiny and fragile to bring back balance in the composition.

I did those small mushroom hats very easy. Just use small balls of Putty, press them down with your fingers and use a toothpick to press a small crater in it.

While everything dried I added some roots and smaller stones to the base:

After all was dry I started to place them at the base with superglue. Took some time but you can play quite nice with the composition of the pieces. I also added soil to the base when every mushroom was placed.

I was pretty happy with the result, but I have to say bases always start to look good when you prime them and different material becomes one for the viewer's eyes.

As you might have seen there are also some very small ones. You can create them in every size you want to, just take your time. Here is an example where I have done very, very small ones on the base of the "Queen of the Undead" ... click to enlarge to really see them :)

So far, I hope you enjoyed this article!
Happy mushroom time to you!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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