Crystal Brush 2013 round the corner

by Roman aka jar

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Well it is about time to write something about that big event ahead!

CMON's Crystal Brush 2013 is held at the Adepticon in Chicago the upcoming weekend and I am going there. Not to take part, but to be the headjudge there. Well, I don't find many words of doing such a job. I feel deeply honoured and feel a big responsibility on my neck as the overall winner is to recieve the massive amount of 10.000,00 USD.

While writing those lines I am excited, yes. In two days the plane will leave the ground and head straight to the windy city. I heard a lot about the Adepticon, a big Wargamer's Event in the US and I want to say thanks to the crew of the Adepticon and CMON for their help in the organisation and their help in getting me there. Can't wait to get to know all those kind people! A lot of great painters from all over the world are expected to the Crystal Brush itself and I already know that judging will be a hard task. I am looking forward to it and try to do the best judging work I can do.

And this judging work starts here now: I feel it as my responsibility to let our readers on MV know that I need their help when judging. As usual, 50% of the score will be from CMON's guest judge (me), while 50% of the score will be from you. Internet voting opens April 20th on CoolMiniOrNot, and closes April 21st (morning). Check CMON during these days and help judging!

Be sure to expect a review from the event and our days there.
Oh dear, I am excited - I can't tell ... and won't try.

Best Wishes and see you there!


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