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Hello bananalicious people!
I got brand hot news about our latest contest: Second wave of parcels have been sent yesterday.
So now all that stuff is on the road to the winners of the contest. Thanks for your patience.

It took me so long because I am so traditional: I had to organise what to put in the parcels, wrote your adresses by hand and I had to find a place where I could rent three donkeys who helped me carrying all that stuff to the post office, but now it's done ... all this is out to you now, worldwide, baby!!

Thanks to and Sebastian for their donation to help with the shipping costs!
The jungle owes you gratitude.

After hours of packing stuff and writing adresses I found one silver medal that was not packed!!!! Ahhhh, EPIC FIAL!!! Now, I had two options, 

Option 1: searching all that parcels with silver medals, rip them open again and check back!
Option 2: Ask the one who is missing his silver medal to write me an email and I sent it asap!

I choose Option 2 :)

How would you decide when it comes to 80~90 parcels?

Many thanks for all the help of our sponsors:

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