Inspirational Tae Pub Nai!!

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Tae Pub Nai!
The first one that leaves a comment and finds out what that is will recieve a little jungle gift!!
Be the first one, but you are not allowed to use google!!! Hit the comments! Winner will be chosen on Saturday!

And now it is time for a big collection of inspirational stuff I have found during the last couple of weeks, stuff I enjoyed and stuff I have read - prepare yourself with coffee and take your time - it's worth it!


Retroperspective - Medusa
Dims - Interview with Pascal Rooze
Bill Sikes
54 mm Mass Effect Figures 
Step by Step - Pentesilea
Step by Step - Painting up a vehicle Squad (german, but great photos)
Mr Lee's Painting Emproium: Guest Tutorial - Lava Bases
Sgt. Blackart - Step by Step, Twinblade
Serpentarium - A sample of woman skin


Skintones at humanae
Cygnar: Cyclone Process
Turtle's quick and dirty anatomy lesson
Painting a female face I
Painting a female face II
very very basic anatomy
Drawing a head in upward view
Drawing a head in 3/4 view
Drawing a head in up/down view
Body Language
Mini Tutorial about everything!!
How to go from Manga to realistic
Understanding Anatomy
Painting a male face with beard

Figure it out - Review - Young Miniatures, Roman Signifer
SIMON Miniature Sculptor
Not only Miniatures at Igazzu
Underpaintings, Words of Wisdom: Vlaho Bukovac

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mad Skillz - Live at Homelands (2005)
Jack Savoretti - Soldier's Eyes
Sons of Anarchy - Beat the devils Tattoo
Justesse - No Stress (Parody of the clip by Justice)
Justice - No Stress (Original clip)
Soul Squate - My home


Funny Black Dynamite Scene
Assassin's Creed III E3 2012 Cinematic Trailer
Hasbro's Star Wars Action Figures
Lego Lord of the Rings Launch Trailer
The Glitch
Namibian Nights
Airborne - a BF Montage
BF 3 End game - the most amazing helicopter take down
Obama wields lightsaber
Thanksgiving this year?
Light and Shadows
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Betrayal Cinematic Trailer
World's cutest frog


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