High Elf and Chaos Cultist, no eggs!

by Roman aka jar

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No eggs in here!

Massive Voodoo wishes everybody some relaxed Easter season days! We hope you enjoyed the days with your family and loved ones!

During the last weeks and in between the two painting classes I was able to finish some fun projects.
I did build a base for explanation on the first painting class and painted it. Unfortanelty the demonettes I have painted during the classes are both planned for another project, so the bases I did build up on the class were still searching for a figure to be put on.

I did find a GW plastic High Elf for one of the bases. Not a fency paintjob but a joy to finish something again. Worked on him for about 3~4 hours.

High Elf
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Another one was a Chaos Cultist from the 40K Chaos Army. He was the first figure I had planned to be put on the base of the High Elf, but he did not really fit right. So he was painted pretty quick with a gaming base and tons of textures in his worn out clothes. Work on him was about 3 hours.

Chaos Cultist
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Somehow the photos in my photobox come out way too bright lately, but here you go with a cabinet shot that shows both models in a more realistic way on how they look in real:

Hope you like them - both of them will sooner or later hit ebay!
Keep your eyes out! If you are interested in making one of these pieces yours in front of an ebay auction feel free to write an email to me!

Best Wishes and keep on happy painting!


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