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by Roman aka jar

Welcome to this area of MASSIVE VOODOO where you can find a FAQ about Painting Classes we offer to make organisation easier for future classes.

There is also a german version - click here!

Jar´s Beginner Class – FAQ

We are constantly receiving requests for MV's Jar´s Beginner Classes .
To make it easier for both parties (local organisation and MV) to organize the classes,
we have created a small FAQ. Please read this first and properly, if you are interested in organising a class with Massive Voodoo.

If you like to help us organise a class in your hometown as our lead contact member
feel free to contect Peter via: baphomet---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

Q) What do you mean with "lead contact member"?

A) There should be only one person who is "our" main contact. He/She is the one we talk to about all the organisation issues.

Q) What is most important to know to hold a class at your town?
A) The most important thing is the location. For a class we need a room for eightteen to twentyeight participants (plus two working places for Roman and Raffa/Peter). There should be enough tables, chairs and enough space for everybody to work relaxed.

Q) What else is important about the location?

The location should be equipped with bathrooms close by.
The location has to provide a white wall or a screen to use a projector/beamer.
If there is a beamer available from your side it is perfect, if not we bring one.
The tables should offer the option to fix common painting lamps to it (max size: 6cm).

Q) What about the rental fee of the location?

A) Perfect would be a free location, for example your gaming club rooms or a big enough location you could provide. If there is no other option and there is a room fee to be paid, the rent for the room should not exceed 150,00 EUR for the whole weekend. If this is not possible, the additional fee for the room will be added to the participants costs for taking part in the class.

If you have a possible location, please take some pictures and send them together with the request for a workshop to

Q) Which language is the class held in?

In Germany we offer German classes.
Worldwide we offer English classes. 

Q) What is the time schedule for the weekend class?

A) The class starts from Friday afternoon at 6 pm till Sunday evening at 6 pm. There are about one to two hours needed up front to prepare the class and to clean up afterwards. On Friday night the class ends presumably at 12 pm. Saturday the class starts at 10 am and will end presumably at 11 pm. Sunday starts again at 10 am and ends at presumably 6 pm.

This time schedule already includes breaks. It may vary plus/minus half an hour if additional time for a specific topic is needed. We need the possibility for an open end, but this will be organised during the class, together with the group.

Q) What´s the fee for the participants to take part? 

A) There is a basic charge that is asked for taking part. This basic charge for every individual participants is made up from Roman's cost of travelling, material costs , working time during the weekend and preparation for the weekend. It may vary, depending where the class is held and how many people attend. We offer worldwide classes. The fee for the class has to be calculated during further email conversation.

Q) Is there a minimum of participants needed?

A) Yes. Classes take place if we got at least 16 confirmed participants who paid their fee. This may vary depending on your country and how far Roman has to travel.

Q) What´s a possible date for the class?

 A) To fix a date for your class there are many things we have to keep in mind (e.g. miniature events, painting classes, private life, etc.), so please understand, that it´s not always possible to confirm your wished date at first. We also try to put some time between two workshops in the same area. As soon as we have a timeline for the next half year we´ll write you an email with a suggestion for the class. But be sure: if you have any suggestions for a date, we try to respect them.

Q) If we have worked out a date for the class, how will it be announced?

 A) Usually two to three months before the class we announce the german classes on MassiveVoodoo. On we collect all the appointments for the classes and give further information. If it´s an international class we will announce it on MassiveVoodoo and ask our lead contact member to provide the information and collect the participants on a platform he prefers.

Q) Where do all the participants sleep?

A) As far as the experience showed us, we can say that a bigger number of the students lives close to the cities we do classes in, but some do travel from far and are in need of a sleeping place. Therefore we are in need of information for youth hostels, hotels or people who would host a guest for the weekend.


If you like to help us organise a class in your hometown as our lead contact member
feel free to contect Peter via: baphomet---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

Q) What about the organisation of the advanced class, the BÄM²?

A) Well, basicly we never do an advanced class at a location we have not been before. If you are interested in organising an advanced Class with Raffa and Roman, please contact

Raffa via: picster---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com
Roman via: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

for getting things rolling!


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