Duke of Bavaria - Bootcamp Chapter Reutlingen

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys,

Roman and Raffa are in Chicago for the Cristal Brush Challenge and I´m sure both are enjoying their time there :) have look at the great entries there and vote for your favourite. I won´t tell you which one is Raffa´s, but I´m sure most of our fallowers will recognize his painting stlye :)

CLICK HERE for the CMON-Gallery!

As I already had a look I think it will be a hard decision for Roman to choose the best. You will do it right my friend!

But another contest is already rising on the horizon. The Duke of Bavaria will be in two weeks and as there was a lot of trouble at my work I did not find the mood to take up the brush and finish my WiPs... I totally dislike these situations (which most of the time happen before a contest).

To get out of this valley of demotivation I invited some friends (Markus "Shejtan", Thomas "DarkKnight" and Patrick "Schlaubi") to have a chilled weekend here in Reutlingen and to work on our projects. I was happy to see them again, as nearly a year has passed since I saw them the last time. So we started on Friday and painted every day till the early morning. Hours of good mood and a lot of discussions about the improvement of future entries... I´m curious how they will develop in the coming days ;)

So here some impressions... but not many of the projects, as we want to keep them quite secret till the contest. I´m sure you´ll excuse :)

Hope to see some of you at the Duke of Bavaria :)



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