WH40K Ultramarine Honour Guard

by Roman aka jar

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I did finish another project lately. A Space Marine on comission, where I was free to paint what I'll choose. Strangely it became an Ultramarine Honour Guard. Ultramarines again, but I really enjoyed him with his base and the more simpliefied colour scheme. The last time I did paint Ultramarines they had too many different colours on them - just my personal taste, have a look.

With this guy I really had my fun, but somehow this massive multibolter weapon made me cry out for the models grace. It just looks kind of off in my eyes. Nevermind the bolter, I guess this guy can kick ass when it comes to fight alien races ...but with that bolter, he wins the war!!

Ultramarines Honour Guard
Games Workshop, 28 mm

For those interested on how the project started some WIP shots:

Hope you like him!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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