Kong's WIP thoughts - April #01

by Roman aka jar

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Time is flying by and soon we got to prepare our trip to the US.
As I am having some smaller classes at the Adepticon I also got to prepare a lot of stuff and pack it carefully to take it with the plane. I am even not sure why I am telling this, maybe I am just too nervous about that all :D

Let's get it on with a look on my table again.
I am finishing the comissioned Space Marine, but won't show some photos anymore as I want the finished model to appear in an online contest. Time is flying by here too, ai ai ai.

There has been a long painting night - last Friday where a lot of things were pushed forward. One was the idea to get that massive Slaanesh project further. I really enjoyed some hours digging in my bitzboxes to build up some characters that will find a place in the whole scene. In the end it all shall be a big praise to the God of Sins and Lust. No porn, promised!

As I was asked to write a little more about the progress of the demon project I decided to summ up my work of it, every once in a while. The whole idea is still in an early stage. 2 demonettes are kind of done, they miss some final purple glazes, but I will do that in the end when all comes together. The big demon still needs some blue in its skin and well, yes, the other ones need colour too ...

I started to bring up a basecoat of dark metal (was it warplock bronze? Oh yes it was, just saw it on the photo) to the big Slaanesh demon. This was kind of frustrating as there are way too many small areas that I did not want to forget.

While I worked some basic stuff on the Slaanesh Beastman I put some more work in the demon's horn and purple touches to its skin.

The next plans are to really darken down the base and bring in some more dramatic light/shadow work to it. After this I want to work on the demons skin and start the leather and the clothing, before I do those damn metal parts again :D

Funny, when I think back how the model started. I already felt "Oh, oh!" this is kind of huge ... back in those days:

... but discipline and madness will guide me through this project.

So far from the demon ladies ...
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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