Queen of the Undead

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa jungle visitor!

This time I am about to show you one of my recently finished figures.
It was done for the Russian Alternative Battle 4.

Unfortanetly it did not place as the contest was very though, but the judges did a great job and I am sure it was some hard work to decided who wins. Well done! Congrats to the winners! Thanks to the team behind the contest for another one of their cool competitions. Don't forget about the Spring Angel 2013 contest!


Now back to topic: My entry for the comp.
The contest's theme was "Undead" and I really love to do undead stuff.
I had a cool model lying in my drawer, one exclusive Vampire queen on horse by CMON.
I really wanted to paint that model for a long time and this contest gave me the right motivation and the oppourtunity.

The concept of the base was pretty easy for me. I wanted her to ride over a graveyard, but with her pure pressence ressurecting the corpses around her. For the Undead coming out of the earth I used some of CMON Zombicide plastic Zombies as I really do have a lot of them. I think anoyne has of those who ordered the game.

Here is one shot in early progress ...

Meanwhile I decided to not finish her for the contest. I'd rather would do another idea I have in mind with a vampire lady and started building up the base for the - in my eyes - better idea for such a contest. Somehow I failed to really do more than the base. Was busy with many other things and time went by without something happening at all.

This was the second base I did for the other idea ...

... but the second idea never was getting further. After I realized that, I decideed to head back over to the first Vampire project and so I did. One to two weeks of concentrated painting made me finish her just in time for the contest's deadline. During the progress I did not really felt comfortable with the original sculpts head/face. She somehow looks the same direction as the horse and her face was somehow strange to paint. While she was already painted (not finished, but in progress) I decided to switch the head and give her another character. I took a female figure from great sculptor Steve Party and made a copy of her face using PK blue fast. It worked well but I knew I have to resculpt the hair and the upper shoulder areas. And so I did with the use of Magic Sculp. I primed the new stuff with a brush and Vallejo Surface Primer White:

I then finished the paint work on her and was satisfied with the result. I knew I could have spent some more hours on some parts. I wasn't really happy with the red dress, but I decided her to be finished as the time was running short. I hope you like her!

Queen of the Undead
CMON, conversion, 28 mm
vote on CMON (if you like)

I also took a photo in the cabinet, done with lightning by the camera. I often do so lately as I am never sure which photo (photobox/cabinet) shows the right picture of the figure in real.

I planned to sell the project on ebay soon, but a private collector from the US, who really fell in love with the piece was pretty fast and bought her for his collection. Many thanks at this point to you!

I am in no form dissapointed by not winning something with her in the contest. I still know some places I would like to have improved and there were so many great entries in the contest that winning was not an option for me with her. Honestly ... great work all together over on the RAB4!

Let me know your thoughts, ideas or minds by hitting a comment!

So far, keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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