Fire demon

by Roman aka jar

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Another fun project from the table.
This time I did paint up a demonette by GW again.
I never thought I would do this again after all the workshop figures I did and all the figures of demon ladys I see during the class from the students, but hey it was a lot of fun as it feels I know the model by heart.

I did play a computer game lately, where I have seen an artwork of a demon that really fascinated me and so I decided to paint up a demonette like it. Again it is a pretty quick paintjob. We had a pretty long studio night last Friday were I have painted two figures from start to end. She was one of them, just because I wanted to paint this vision I had. This said you all can see that it was a pretty fast paintjog, maybe 4 hours I would say, but I really enjoyed doing her.

Fire demon
Games Workshop, 28 mm

 Here is another shot I have done in my cabinet ...

Well, in the end she works not from the cleanness of the paintjob but from her hot/cold contrast. Remember, those contrasts are everywhere - just open your eyes and mind to them ...

Keep on happy painting!

Best Wishes


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