Kong's WIP thoughts - April #02

by Roman aka jar

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Time is flying by and we are shortly away for jumping the plane to our small trip to the US.
Oh dear, I am getting nervous ... really, I mean these days will be so amazing and interesting and I am really looking forward to meet as many painters from all over the world as I can. It is so cool to have this oppourtunity and I hope I see you at the Adepticon/Crystal brush ...
I was painting on different things lately. On the one hand I did finish several projects. The Marine is done for example and also I did finish the big Slaanesh demon lady. Really? Yes. :D

I worked on the Enigma figure again ... it looks like this at the moment, but there is still a lot I want to work on, mainly on the figure itself ...

I did also build a base for some 1:72 figures. I wasn't able to take in between shots, just this one, and the project is already finished, but maybe this is interesting for some of you:

Something has happened on a sculpt by Steve Party, she is still in pretty early WIP, but I like how she turns out on that base. She still misses two fingers and sooner or later I will sculpt them ... but there is way more to clean up ...

I am preparing a Miniature Unpacked from some cool SciFi Figures in 54 mm and 28 mm ... soon it might appear in the jungle. Figures are damn cool and one of them already felt my brush ... stay tuned in to this station to get more news!

Now to the big monstrum.
The Slaanesh project, the project of Sins I am working on. I'll try to tell some steps I have encountered during that journey, in fact the project is already done while I am writing these lines and it costs me some motivation to sort and prepare the photos for the blog, but hopefully in the end it can appear in a big step by step article ...

The last view on the figure looked like this - I planned to put other figures to the base to make a big party of sin ...

Now after some days without work on it I took a moment to step back and saw the first thing I got to handle is some work on the base. To see the figure better in the end. For my taste the base was way too bright for such a demonic evil scene. I took some black/purple and threw it to the lower areas of the base:

Next step was working on the skin areas again. I did clean up the main areas, put some shadows here and there and some lights there. Using glazes and some weird wet in wet technique to recieve the better saturated transititons on the claws. It is still wet on the photo, the reason why it is so shiny:

I decided to use dark grass on the base. Using products from MiniNatur and priming them black before applying them to the base. On the base they will recieve some gentle drybrushing on the upper areas with some bright grey I guess.

I felt something else was needed to bring it all together on that base. I choose black/brown pigments and rocked over the base. I was pretty happy with the result. Additional I used some gloss varnish to her feet and claws. The first layer applied here, some more will come. Some areas, those I could not identify as what they should be (ripped skin in her face and chest), were painted in Elf flesh as a basic tone:

So far from now ... soon more, promised!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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