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by Roman aka jar


Alex Varela (cmon:Iguazzu) reveals the secrets behind his incredible Abyssal Lord from Scale75 miniaures. Over 3.5 hours of in-depth video!

Alex covers the painting of 3 different metallic surfaces and shows off two very different True-Metallic-Metal styles. In the end you'll learn how to create amazing metals from one of miniature paintings rising stars.


We flew the incredibly talented Roman Van Den Bogaert to sunny California to attend an intensive 2 week, full day, anatomy course to perfect his skills - the same course attended by many top digital animators and video game artists. Soon we'll bring it to your living rooms.

Soon miniature sculptors everywhere will have an ultimate resource from which to learn the complex art of anatomy and create better miniature than ever before!


RoadMap 2013 - 2014 (update #4)

Below is a rough schedule for our 2013 - 2014 roadmap and our progress so far.

1. Alex Varela : Abbysal Lord (cmon: Iguazzu) - filmed
2. Matteo Murelli : Sven Hammerfaust (cmon: Mu) - filmed
3. Matteo Murelli : Basing Volume 2 - filmed
4. Alfonso Giraldes : RAF Legend (cmon: Banshee) - filmed
5. Sebastian Archer : The Art of Sebastian Archer (cmon: automaton) - filmed
6. Sebastian Archer: Basing Volume 3 - filmed
7. Matt Cexwish - Making Dioramas (cmon: Matt Cexwish) - filmed

8. Rick Lawler - Rust and Weathering - filming May 2013
9. Mirko Cavalloni - The Dark Forest (cmon: Mauganra) - Filming May 2013
10. The Complete Guide to Miniature Anatomy - 2013


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