Tutorial - Pin your gaming figures the easy way

by Roman aka jar

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Hai yo!

Duck and cover here comes a brand new and fresh article!

This one is directed more to you gamers out there as it is about our own personal Infinity gaming figures we are up to prepare for future ultimate gaming fun in our studio.

Raffa and I are both lazy guys when it comes to basing for gaming figures. Maybe it is because we build up so many bases already in the past that we don't find motivation for it, but after we decided to really paint our figures just for gaming we choose to use some of Micro Art Studio. Quick and dirty.  

While we sat there preparing some of our first figures we thought about that white metal bar under the figures of Infinity and that there is a reason why they got it. It will keep the figure fixed when used with gaming bases where you can glue the bar in. Our resin gaming bases do not have such a port and ...

... we thought about pinning our white metal figures to the base, but really we have no motivation to drill those fragile Infinity figures. At least that is what we found out during our conversation. So we decided to pin the figure with just two small pieces we left from cutting of the bar. Done with a forceps, cleaned with a hobby knife, but not to serious.

Next step was taking the drill to bring in the holes for these uncommon pins. You can easily work resin bases with a drill, so if the hole is too small, your drill might be too tiny. Pick a bigger one or keep the small one and drill four holes close together, they will turn out as one in the end.

The figure was then glued to the holes. 
Make sure to test the fitting before you glue. If it doesn't fit drill until it does, then glue. For us this is a pretty quick method to bring our figures to the table and we are surely safe from drilling and destroying tiny white metal parts, but for sure we hope that the figures will hold :)

ready for painting
So far, stay pinned and keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes 


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