BANANALICIOUS Painting Contest - Prize Pool Update

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Right here, right now we already recieved 21 entries for MV's Bananalicious Painting Contest.
Do not worry if you are not finished yet, you still got time until February 15th to deliver your entry or even more as we have different categories that might be filled with your ideas. 

There is a little update to the Prize Pool, first we got three plaster buildings from Tuffskull Painting. Additional there is a Miss REEF Calendar 2013 for you to get, coming from MV for the participant who takes part with the most entries.

The random Prize Pool will be handed out, guess what, yes randomly to everyone taking part in the contest. So get it on, we are sure you have a very good chance to win something.  

P-P-P-Paint as you never did before!


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