Kong's WIP thoughts - January #04

by Roman aka jar

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Raffa told you a while ago that we are going to start to play Infinity. 
We are looking forward to play the game and seriously start to collect some figures for a small army now. Raffa decided to play Pan Oceania, Bene is choosing Haggislam and I went for Yu Jing.

Lately I made a test on my first figure for my little army. 
A test about colour scheme, painting speed for a good quality gaming figure and really enjoyed this test. There will be a step by step of this figure soon - I decided to do one so I can remember what I painted there for the days to come where I will upgrade the army on manpower. This figure took me about 4 hours of work.

Barracuda is the name of a bust by Tales of War, Ron and Bones. 
I recently found out that Ron and Bones is not available anymore as the page is down and so I decided to get this small bust I always wanted to bring colour on. I really like this comic character and during I started to paint him he really feels like a bad guy from Walt Disney. A little surprise in form of another article (one I planned with another figure, but failed) is in prep about this bust so you better stay tuned. Here is an actual WIP:

So far from my table!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: Wonder why I paint my thumb?


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