The epic Kong Fu - 2012 - light

by Roman aka jar

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A while back I spoke about some shadows of 2012, but I told you where shadows exist there is also light.

2012 has been a very nice year with a lot of great events I was taking part in. Painting Classes with many, many nice pupils, even one in english language in Versailles. I found time to see friends of mine often and enjoyed these days a lot. Back in 2012 we started with Private Practice classes and everyone I held so far was truely a cool experience and I was happy to have such nice students at my place. Great figure events with tons of amazing figures to see and many new and old friends I have met there. I won't name it all in single as I am sure it will take me hours and I will still forget somebody so I keep it that simple. Hope nobody gets angry with that :)

In retroperspective while looking at last year I found one project very exciting (beside so many others, but from a very personal view). It was a comic I did on comission for a weeding. The comic showed funny events the couple went through  before they got married and it was a lot of planning ahead before the comic was handed out as a gift on the wedding party. A very personal project which in the end really warmed my heart when I recieved back the feedback of the freshly married couple.

permission granted

Beside so many cool and nice memories I got of 2012 there was another one very different from others in late 2012 when I recieved an Email by Christine from Australia. She explained how her husband, Ben likes to read MV and he bought some figures but is still to scared of his will to get perfect results to get it on with buying some colour pots and brushes. She wanted to buy some stuff for him as a Christmas gift and asked for my advice or ideas what to buy. I answered her back that I would gladly help and offered her to do the buying. Preparing a big starter back with colors I would recommand for beginning and more stuff which is important for an easy start. I wrote a letter to Ben too where I explained my thoughts behind the buy list and sent it all out for Christmas. This was what Ben wrote back to me:

"Happy New Year Roman!

This morning my wife presented me with a late christmas present that I understand you had a hand in.
Thank you very much for your words of encouragement, and for the selection of gear to get me back into painting... for the joy of it. I really appreciate both your letter, your choice of products, and your willingness to help out both myself, and my wife.

It's people like you who really make the hobby feel like a community, and I can't thank you enough for that.

Trying not to fall to the dark side,


Another great thing that happened to me was the move to our studio. Our place of creativity, friendship, work and fine music. This was in fact a big step in 2012 and I don't regret it. Sometimes I do miss the painting at home, like those small hours where you think "Right now I would love to paint this leather belt of this figure!". This is not an option anymore as all our figure stuff is at the studio and the spontanoues painting at home is no more. Maybe I am doing a little "Emergency kit" for the home use soon :D

I want to thank everybody who reads MV, everybody who supports MV and me as an freelance artist, everybody who took part in a painting class and everybody I did forget because they made 2012 what it was. A beautiful year.
So, enough talk about the past. 
Let's look into the future of 2013.
Happy Painting to you all!
Best Wishes


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