Private Practice - Review

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa folks,
and a wonderful good morning out to the jungle. I told you about a little report about last Monday and Tuesday, where Sebastian visited Raffa and me in our studio for some private practice hours.

The goal at the end of both days for Raffa and me was sending Sebastian home happy with all his questions answered. So we both where pretty anxious and excited about this private practice too. I was vacuum cleaning the floor when our student arrived - must have been a great view I guess. After our student unloaded his car he came up with a big surprise for us ... a cake, but not a usual cake, but have a look yourself:

Raffa and I were completly wow and after tasting the cake with some coffee we were truely amazed - there was banana and chocolate in it. Mjami, Mjami! Again, Sebastian - big thanks to you for this great gift!

Finally - after way too much cake - we started the private practice with some chatting about Sebastian's goals he wants to reach during the two days. We had a look on his actual projects and slowly started with our painting preparation. Our student brought a figure by Andrea Miniatures, the German Sniper in 90 mm which is planned to be a gift to a good friend of him. His goal was to paint the face in the best way he can do but in the end after the two days we went much further.

 Day 1

On day 2, we worked further on a lot of areas of the figure and all of us have been really amazed after we pulled down the tape and see how it all turned out in the end. Sure the figure is not completly finished, here and there is leather to finish, more dirt, the base and still a lot to do but Raffa and I were pretty happy with our students result and progress. We did not paint all the time after we had some chatting about painting theory too and explained different topics Sebastian wanted to know on other figures but all in all we were really proud about Sebastian's result ... so here you go, the result on day 2:

Raffa and I can't wait to see the whole project finished, looking forward to see the figure on its base all together with the details yet to come and the snowy frosty athmosphere of a cold winter in Russia.

After Sebastian brought this enourmous cake we gave some small and big paintings back to him to say thank you.

So far, thank you, Sebastian for such nice days and we are happy that you are happy!
Keep on happy painting and hopefully see you soon!

Best Wishes
Roman and Raffa


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