MU 30 - Photo Backgrounds by Hangar 18 Miniatures

by Roman aka jar


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Another MU rolling in (Miniatures Unpacked).
This time it is number 30. If you are interested in the earlier MUs go check them here.

This MU is about cool Photo backgrounds from Hangar 18 Miniatures.
Liliana, one of the owners of Hangar 18 Miniatures wrote me an email if I want to do a review of some of them. She also told me they are inspired from the photo backgrounds we offer in our article section. We are truely happy to inspire!

We usually go for black backgrounds lately but a change is always good.
So after I unpacked the parcel I found  six different textured backgrounds. They are not made from casual paper was the first thing I realized. They are pretty thick, matte and truely printed in high end quality.

I know... only five of them on the photo. One was already in use during taking the shots.

The textures are very cool. They look natural and with the different colors available you can really fit the background to your figure. We did not test the bright ones so far but the darker ones totally convinced us. They are easy to handle and easy to put in place, even in with our simple photo setup:

As said you have to try which one fits the figure best. I did a little test on one of my latest figures which is pretty warm in the overall look. I first tried the green background:

Due the color contrast from red to green the background gets too much attention in my eyes, while the green of the figure gets lost. I changed to background to a darker one and was more happy with the result:

What I can say about the photo backgrounds of Hangar 18 Miniatures is that they are really a high quality product and are not really expensive. I think they are awesome for every figure painter. They not only have those textured ones, you can find more simple ones at their shop too. It seems the crew behind Hangar 18 Miniatures is open for feedback as they now making larger backgrounds available too. Read their news. Pretty cool!

Get your own!
Highly recommanded by the jungle!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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